How to maintain or repair your damaged parquet?

First of all, remember that solid parquet floors must be varnished, oiled or waxed to maintain their original appearance.

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In fact, it is these surfaces that directly influence the maintenance of the parquet. Vitrified parquet is therefore considered the most robust and at the same time the easiest to maintain. It is recommended to vacuum at least once a week and then wash with a slightly damp mop.

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For waxed floors, it is essential to clean the grooves regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt. It is important to dust using your vacuum cleaner, with a microfiber broom or a floor brush recommended for this.

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To remove stains, use linseed oil, a mild product that has been proven to work. Finally, buff frequently and wax every two to three years. Its protection is therefore guaranteed Let's finish this overview with an oiled parquet floor. These are easily cleaned with a slightly damp mop and a suitable soap.

For stubborn stains, choose an oiled parquet degreaser. Also, applying a coat of oil every six months is good for long-term care. Spatula and wooden spatula. Then replace badly damaged or broken blades. If the knife moves or floats, secure it with a screw. Then fill the drilled holes with colored putty. Depending on the general condition of the floor, always sand the area to be repaired or the entire floor in the direction of the blade. Dust thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. Finally, apply the first coat of wax, mastic or oil, depending on the finish of your parquet. Allow to dry for the recommended time, then finish with a second coat of finish.

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