Why choose an LVT floor and not a laminate parquet?

Many Moroccans choose the classic offer of laminate flooring, which remains rather affordable compared to its inspiring solid parquet; because of its easy installation , but above all thanks to the richness of its ranges;

But for nearly two years, a new generation of floors, more sophisticated, more efficient and above all affordable, offering the same characteristics of a solid wood floor and the wide choice of textures and decorations of laminate, are increasingly attractive.

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Unlike laminated parquet, which is a melamine paper floor, but also solid parquet; both difficult to install, expensive and limited in pattern, LVT floors, also known as “Premium Vinyl Planks”, are made of vinyl and are available as tiles or planks; booming LVT flooring is one of the trend floors of 2021, and represents the practical and flexible alternative to laminate flooring and hardwood flooring that is very difficult to maintain.

In fact, LVT floors have a protective treatment, a wear layer, a decor, a fiberglass layer for better resistance, a central calendered PVC layer, and an optional acoustic underlay.

Another major advantage of the LVT floor is the question of traffic and acoustic insulation!

For humid or heavily trafficked rooms, it is better to orient your choice towards LVT floors, thanks to their composition, the latter have better resistance and great stability. In terms of sound insulation, LVTs offer more advantages compared to conventional laminate floors and their structure provides better damping quality.

The icing on the cake, LVT floors offer wide and varied ranges both in terms of colors and patterns; wood, stone, concrete… in formats, you have a wide variety of choices in terms of dimensions and installation methods, perfectly suited to multiple uses and needs.

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