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Created by the Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly, the 3D panel is available in two formats. Reminiscent of modernist interiors and Scandinavian architecture, the CANELÉ S and L elements can be used together to create dynamic compositions or individually for a more sober aesthetic. CANELÉ L, with its more generous proportions, favors marked compositions for characterful interiors. The FL11 and WL10 finishing profiles are specially designed to combine perfectly with these panels.

Advantages of the Canelé L ARSTYL ® wall panel :

  • Creation of unique models
  • Add 3D texture to walls and ceilings
  • Durable and impact resistant
  • Light material
  • simple assembly

The CANELÉ L wall panel is 300 mm wide and 2 m long. These dimensions improve the linear design, reduce the number of joints required during installation and facilitate rapid installation with ADEFIX glue. ® MORE. CANELÉ L arrives primed and ready to paint. CANELÉ L is also moisture resistant and ideal for bathrooms, spas and kitchens.

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